Date taken: June 30, 2001
Location: Across from the Strasburg, Colorado KOA

Comments: Pacific Fruit Express (PRE) was a railroad refrigerator car leasing company that at one point was the largest refrigerator car operator in the world. It began operation in 1907 with a fleet of 6,660 cars built by American Car and Foundry. PFE's assets were divided between Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads in 1978. At that time their roster had over 17,000 cars.

The locomotive above is an EMD NW2 and was built in July 1946. It was originally UP #1048. It was transferred to PFE and assigned to their shop in Roseville, California in 1974. It was moved to the PFE shop in Tucson in February 1980. It was retired in 1998 and sold to Commanche Crossing Historic Railroad, Strasburg, Colorado in December 1998.